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Duluth Tuckpointing & Chimney Repair

Rebuilding New Brickwork & Restoring Brick with a Fresh Re-Tuck

Duluth Tuckpointing & Chimney Repair


Over time the mortar on your home or chimney begins to deteriorate, crack, and crumble.  These cracks let water  penetrate into the brick work and enter the building.  Repointing the brickwork allows for a fresh look as well as a new water tight seal.


Damaged bricks can be removed, and replaced giving the structure a clean look and longer life.


In addition to tuckpointing and restoring brick buildings we also specialize in rebuilding chimneys.  


Serving the tuckpointing, brick restoration, and chimney repair needs of Duluth, Superior, and the Northland. 

Duluth Tuckpointing & Chimney Repair




A quick tuckpointing like the one done here saved the existing chimney and made for a smooth closing on the house sale.

This is an example of our most basic rebuild option.

Built with 8 inch brick to replicate older building styles this chimney is the most commonly requested rebuild we do.


Duluth Tuckpointing &  Chimney Repair




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